TheTypicalMrCube (TTMC for short, or just Mr. Cube) (born September 21, 1998) is a fanon YouTube channel. He uses Paint.NET, Macromedia Flash, and Vegas Pro to animate. As of September 2017, TheTypicalMrCube now has 1,747,459 subscribers. He joined Youtube on December 5, 2008. But didn't make videos until March 6, 2009.

When he first made his account, He was only 10 years old.

History Edit

Coming soon!

Shows Edit

Series Run No. of seasons
TheTypicalMrCube's Show 2009 - present 9
Payton's Animated World 2010 - present 9
Derpy World of Mr. Cube 2011 -present 6
The Adventures of James and Ray 2013 - present 4
The Video Game Show 2016 - present 2

Episodes Edit

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